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    A full statement of our teaching and learning philosophies can be found here in pdf form.

    Ar The Freedom School, we approach education with the belief that:

    • Children construct their own understanding, but benefit from instruction
    • Children benefit from opportunities to see connections across disciplines
    • Children benefit from both structure and spontaneity
    • Children need both to be challenged and to practice skills already mastered
    • Children benefit from collaboration with peers
    • Children need to develop a positive sense of their own self-identity and respect for other people whose perspectives and experiences may be different from their own.
    • Children have enormous capacities to learn and almost boundless curiosity about the world, though they have recognized, age-related limits on their cognitive and linguistic capacities.
    • Children benefit both from engaging in self-initiated, spontaneous play and from teacher-planned structured activities, projects, and experiences.
    • Children benefit from both fine and gross-motor experiences.
    • Children benefit from exposure to rich literature narratives and hands-on environmental experiences.
    • Children benefit from having their physiological, safety, love and belonging, esteem, and self-actualization needs addressed and from them serving and meeting the needs of others.

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