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    Admissions Process

    Parents will be notified concerning the outcome of the enrollment process when the process below has been completed. Students may be placed on a waiting list, depending on space availability. For all grades, a student’s position on the waiting list depends on the date of application and priority status. Enrollment priority status is given to existing families in good financial standing. In addition, The Freedom School reserves the right to determine and grant priority status on a case-by case basis, in order to achieve its vision of intentionally welcoming families of: under-represented races, cultures; lower socio-economic status, and refugee/immigrant status. Members of New City Fellowship Church living in failing school districts may also receive priority status.

    Process for New Applicants

    (all steps must be followed, if not necessarily in exact order)

    1. Parent or guardian visits school and completes part 1.
    2. Parent or guardian is interviewed by Head of School.
    3. Parent or guardian reads the handbook thoroughly.
    4. Completed Application Packet is submitted (all forms must be completed and signed).
    5. Student must be enrolled by a parent or legal guardian.
    6. Student must be living with at least one parent or legal guardian.
    7. If a Paternity Order exists, the amount of child support must be disclosed for tuition calculation.
    8. Schedule student for academic screening.
    (This screening is done in order to ensure we are able to meet every students needs).
    9. Parent or guardian signs Tuition Agreement
    10. Parent or guardian signs all waivers: Internet Usage, Photography, Field Trip, and Extra-curricular.