Our Vision:

The Freedom School welcomes students from all walks of life and frees their minds, hearts and hands from the bonds of sin to serve one another and the oppressed around the world.

Our Mission:

The Freedom School provides a safe, nurturing, learning community where students of different beliefs, races, ethnicities and economic circumstances are reconciled to God and one another by experiencing forgiveness by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

Students are equipped by our knowledgeable and caring staff, using research-based curricula, to reach their unique potential as restored image bearers and servant leaders of God who steward His creation and proclaim His kingdom of righteousness through practical deeds of justice and mercy to those in their school, community and the world.

We are a domestic mission school: a private, urban, Christian, elementary school (Pre-Kindergarten – 8th Grade). Unlike other private schools, the school’s sliding scale tuition is accessible to everyone. Although affiliated with New City Fellowship Church, the school accepts students of other denominations and proclaims the gospel to students of other religions.

Class sizes range between 15 and 20 students. Teacher/Student Ratio is 1:15. Adult/Student Ratio in Pre-Kindergarten is 1:10.

Rather than simply build upon the racial, socioeconomic and nationalist divisions in our nation, The Freedom School is actively training our students to celebrate (not just tolerate) diversity, because it was created by God.

To that end, there are special core values that define us as a community committed to pursuing reconciliation to God, self and others through education.

Our Core Values:

  • Freedom to develop all students’ talents and abilities by encouraging social-emotional development, accommodating a variety of learning styles, and meeting students’ physiological, and safety needs.

  • Freedom to experience and enjoy God’s world in a healthy atmosphere which allows for movement, fresh air, and sunshine.

  • Freedom for students to grow in their role as God’s image bearers and kingdom builders, increasing in Perseverance, Excellence, Academics, Reconciliation and Love.

  • Freedom for teachers to grow and serve as they cultivate meaningful relationships with students, respecting the agency of each individual and thereby nurturing the whole child.

  • Freedom to restore and instruct through discipline, avoiding shaming and punishment, pointing always to Christ.

  • Freedom to encourage family cooperation, discipling families as well as children.

  • Freedom to use a quality curriculum that:

    • Is based on God’s word

    • Points us to the revelation of God in all creation

    • Shows the interconnected nature of our lives as God works through history

    • Reflects a diversity of cultures

    • Develops critical-thinking and problem-solving skills