If we were forced to describe The Freedom School in one simple phrase, it would be Christian Community. Just as our Lord describes the body of Christ as only being able to function as each part fulfills its purpose (Romans 12), we can only continue to bring quality Christian education to families who may not be able to afford it otherwise by every community member fulfilling their part: students learning, donors giving, teachers teaching and volunteers helping.  Contrary to what we see in the broader culture, we agree with God that parents are their children’s first and most important teachers. How you support, discipline and encourage your children determines how much they are able to learn.  Because of this, we ask every enrolling family to agree to the following:

  • I accept and will support the school’s mission, vision, core values and strategies regarding Christian education.

  • I take full responsibility for the behavior of my children and will work with the school towards any improvement needed.

  • I agree to participate in mandatory parental activities each school year. These include: 

    • Two parent teacher conferences

    • A home visit

    • A Fall parent orientation

    • A Spring parent involvement day

  • I agree to pay the monthly tuition faithfully. If at any time I am unable to pay the tuition, I will submit to the advisory board, in writing, the reason for delinquency and a plan to move forward.

  • I agree to provide a supportive educational environment for my child which includes: 

    • Arriving at school before 8am each day

    • Making sure they adhere to dress code and dress appropriately for the weather

    • Checking any homework each night, (younger students rarely have homework beyond memorizing scripture verses)

    • Reading with K-4th graders

  • I agree to both limit and monitor my child’s online activities and television, adhering to any age appropriate guidelines available.

  • In the event I find myself in disagreement with any aspect of my child’s experience at The Freedom School, I agree to proceed as the Bible instructs us; that is to engage the person involved with grace. If that does not produce the desired outcome, I will take my concern to the proper administrator, making every effort to reconcile with all involved. Matthew 18:15-17

  • Just as my family will receive great benefit from being part of this loving community, I agree to make every effort within my power to help others. This may include driving for field trips or carpooling, participation in PTO, providing for those in need or networking resources.

It is our sacred privilege to link arms with parents as they raise the next generation of change agents and kingdom builders!