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    Benefits of Freedom

    Discipleship in the service of God and others

    Students are nurtured to develop their unique potential so that they may use their gifts to demonstrate justice and mercy to those in their community and around the world.

    Diverse student population

    Students from all walks of life can feel accepted and learn to celebrate the differences of others.

    Caring, qualified, dedicated teachers

    Instructors model Christ-likeness and employ professional best practices to balance compassion with high expectations.

    Small class sizes

    A 1:16 teacher/student ratio helps provide for more personalized attention.

    A rigorous, research-based curriculum

    Grade level expectations are achieved using a model where students receive support and freedom to grow at their level.

    Integrated Technology

    Students use online research tools and publication resources like Google Docs and Microsoft Office to organize and publish their learning.

    Enrichment activity groups

    Students are encouraged to develop their interests and can build strong relationships with supportive peers and adults e.g., basketball, flag football, micro-farm, newspaper, quilting group, and science club.