Students in this country are separated: not by law, but by means.
In order to bring them together to be reconciled, they all need an equal opportunity to learn. We do this by offering a sliding scale tuition.

Few of our students are able to pay full tuition. Because of this, we have to raise 80-85% of our income from other sources. Most of this income is provided by committed individuals, who sacrifice their time, energy, and finances to see students set free.

This puts us in place of dependence on God to move people’s hearts.
The biblical pattern shows that God puts his people in a place of weakness so that others can respond to his call for justice and mercy. Our donors enter into the struggles of our students and staff to set them free and find themselves being set free in the process. This method changes people from being donors to committed partners who advance God’s kingdom.

We invite you to partner with us and experience this freedom for yourselves.