A Welcome from Our Head of School:

Hello! Thank you for your interest in our school. As a parent myself, I understand that choosing a school is a difficult decision.  Having sent my own son to The Freedom School, I know first hand you have happened upon a very special place.

The Freedom School is not an ordinary educational institution. It is a community with a unique history and distinctive vision. In 1847, John Berry Meachum, an ex-slave, created a school on a riverboat in Saint Louis, Missouri called The Freedom School, in order to set children free from the bonds of slavery. During the turbulent summer of 1964, ‘Freedom Schools’ were developed as part of the Freedom Summer Civil Rights Project in Mississippi and bordering states; it was part of an effort to increase voter education and registration. Thirty three years later, in 1997, The Freedom School  here in University City was founded to not just free students from bonds of ignorance and poverty, but to reconcile them to God and teach them to fulfill their God-given purpose in building His kingdom.

The Freedom School provides a safe, nurturing, learning community where children of different beliefs, races, ethnicities, and economic circumstances are reconciled to God and to one another by experiencing forgiveness by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. They are equipped by our knowledgeable and caring staff using a rigorous, research-based curriculum to reach their unique potential as restored image-bearers and servant-leaders of God who steward His creation and proclaim His kingdom of righteousness through practical deeds of justice and mercy to those in their school, local community and around the world.

We are a unique community here at The Freedom School. In becoming part of it, we hope your family will become part of our family.   If there is anything we might do to assist you in the application and enrollment process, do not hesitate to ask. You may call the Main Office at 314-432-7396 or email me at [email protected].

Yours in Christ,

Angie Yarbrough, M.Ed.

Head of School


Central to the school is the understanding of reconciliation: making an enemy into a friend.  Parents wishing to enroll their child(ren) at The Freedom School must understand and agree to being reconciled to God.

Evidence of any family’s desire to be a part of this school includes:

The parent’s or guardian’s desire for where reconciliation is an integral part of the school. Evidence of any family’s desire to be a part of this school includes:

    1.  Support of the concepts in the Core Values;
    2. Being reconciled to how God has made us, each a unique manifestation of his own image;
    3. Agreement to follow the policies and procedures of the school (including the Parent/Guardian Agreement and Parent/Student Handbook);
    4. Willingness to cooperate with the teachers and administration in the moral, psychological, emotional, spiritual, and academic development of their children. 

The child’s fulfillment of the age requirements listed below:

  1. For admission to Pre-Kindergarten, depending on the class, the child is to be three or four years of age before August 1.
  2. For admission to Kindergarten, the child is to be five years of age before August 1.
  3. For admission to First Grade, the child is to be six years of age before August 1.