The Freedom School is governed by a CEO-style school board model. Many schools are adopting this successful model which allows the Head of School to act as a visionary leader and daily manager, supported by the collective expertise and actions of Board members. The Head of School and Board members partner together to act as macro- and micro-managers by setting long-term goals and serving on action committees to realize those goals. All major decisions are submitted for approval to the Session of New City Fellowship, which acts as a body of overseers similar to a corporate Board of Directors. The Session retains ultimate authority over the school as a ministry of Restore St. Louis and New City Fellowship.


In order to be intentional about inter-denominational reconciliation, The Board of Trustees is comprised of individuals from supporting churches both inside and outside of the PCA. Board members or Board action committee members bring diverse expertise from the pastoral, legal, business, educational, and healthcare professional communities.