Central to the school is the understanding of reconciliation: making an enemy into a friend.  Parents wishing to enroll their child(ren) at The Freedom School must understand and agree to the purpose of reconciliation.

Admission to The Freedom School is contingent upon:

The parent’s or guardian’s desire for where reconciliation is an integral part of the school. Evidence of any family’s desire to be a part of this school includes:

    1.  Support of the concepts in the Core Values;
    2. Agreement to follow the policies and procedures of the school (including the Parent/Guardian Agreement and Parent/Student Handbook);
    3. Willingness to cooperate with the teachers and administration in the moral, psychological, emotional, spiritual, and academic development of their children. 

The child’s fulfillment of the age requirements listed below:

  1. For admission to Pre-Kindergarten, depending on the class, the child is to be three or four years of age before August 1.
  2. For admission to Kindergarten, the child is to be five years of age before August 1.
  3. For admission to First Grade, the child is to be six years of age before August 1.

The school’s ability to meet the student’s educational needs.

The parent’s willingness to accept the financial responsibilities of attending the school.